Mark Zuckerberg’s New yr’s decision: fix facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s New yr’s decision: fix facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s New year’s decision is to repair facebook. He wrote in a post on the hospitable media platform: “We at the moment make too many mistakes enforcing our policies and fighting misuse of our equipment.” The facebook CEO has been surroundings yearly own challenges because 2009. He previously ran 365 miles, traveled across the country, and realized Mandarin, experiences information’ Vladimir Duthiers.

Zuckerberg established fb with the hope that it will assist convey americans nearer together, however his newest submit acknowledges his company at times has led to divisions.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,fb has lots of work to do,” he wrote, “no matter if it’s holding our group from abuse and hate, defending towards interference through nation states, or making certain that time spent is time smartly spent.”

Zuckerberg spent much of 2017 on the protecting. He at the start dismissed the thought that,false information” on facebook helped pick President Trump as.”loopy.” but then was pressured to back down.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”Our teams have discovered and shut down thousands of false debts that may well be making an attempt to have an impact on elections,” Zuckerberg said in September.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”I consider he is come to observe the ways that his expertise is altering the area in variety of large, shattering ways,” observed new york instances know-how columnist Farhad Manjoo. “he’s committing himself in a extremely personal means and suggesting that he is personally responsible.”

Zuckerberg’s Thursday publish additionally recounted the percepti can also now be too massive and too effective.

it be a sentiment shared by means of mission capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, a former facebook vice president.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,if you feed the beast, that beast will break you,” he stated in November. “it’s eroding the core foundations of how individuals behave, with the aid of and between every different.”

participants of Congress agreed.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”you’ve got created these systems and now they’re being misused and you have got to be those to do whatever about it. Or we will,” spoke of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,I believe this could also be an effort to move that off, to are trying to assert, ‘We’re type of policing ourselves…that you would be able to hang off on policing us,”‘ Manjoo talked about.

Zuckerberg provided few specifics on how he plans to achieve his latest very own problem. One component he referred to he would do become convene companies of specialists to aid him work throughout the issues. He additionally will examine how encryption and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin can be used to increase fb’s functions.

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Cloud computing: Google’s new GPU carrier offers cut-fee computing device researching

Cloud computing: Google’s new GPU carrier offers cut-fee computing device researching

ktsimage, photographs

Google has delivered a new choice for clients of its cloud computing functions that may give cut-expense processing, provided that they are willing to place up with a couple of boundaries.

In may 2015,   introduced ‘preemptible’ digital machines VM: these are inexpensive but brief-lived compute circumstances correct for batch jobs and fault-tolerant workloads.

See: Free PDF download: The future of every little thing as a carrier

Preemptible VMs offer the same computer types and alternatives as normal compute cases however most effective remaining for up to 24 hours and may also be switched off through Google with simply 30 seconds word if that computing vigor is required with the aid of one more customer.

due to the fact that the commence Google has delivered native SSDs to Preemptible VMs, and has now announced the beta release of Preemptible VMs with attached GPUs.

clients can now connect Nvidia K80 and Nvidia P100 GPUs to Preemptible VMs for $0.22 and $0.seventy three per GPU hour, which Google noted is half the expense of GPUs when attached to on-demand cases.

Google noted these preemptible GPUs are a very decent healthy for gigantic-scale computer researching and other disbursed batch workloads.

See: particular document: The cloud v. records middle choice free PDF

GPUs connected to Preemptible VMs have the same barriers as premptible VMs: Compute Engine may additionally shut them down after proposing you a 30-2d warning if demand is excessive, and you may most effective expend them for a maximum of 24 hours.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”This makes them an excellent alternative for dispensed, fault-tolerant workloads that don’t always require any single instance, and makes it possible for us to offer them at a substantial bargain,” observed Google.

Compute Engine’s managed example agencies may also be used to instantly re-create your preemptible cases after they have been shut down, presenting potential is obtainable. Preemptible VMs are also built-in into cloud products developed on precise of Compute Engine, corresponding to Kubernetes Engine.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”In our drug discovery classes, more cost-effective computing means we will molecules, thereby expanding our chances of finding promising drug candidates. Preemptible GPU cases have benefits over the different discounted cloud choices we now have explored, comparable to consistent pricing and transparent terms,” pointed out Woody Sherman, CSO, Silicon Therapeutics.

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US created most effective 148,000 jobs in Dec, vs a hundred ninety.”000 jobs expected

US created most effective 148,000 jobs in Dec, vs a hundred ninety.”000 jobs expected

Matthew Busch | | images

Personnel build add-ons for hybrid electric powered vehicle motors at the Toshiba overseas manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.

merchants in reality indicated a much better chance of a March Fed rate hike, pushing the probability from 68 p.c earlier than the file’s liberate to seventy three p.c a half-hour later.

An choice measure of unemployment that counts depressed worker’s and people working half time for financial reasons edged higher to eight.1 p.c. That came amid an unchanged labor force participation cost at 62.7 percent and a gradual employment-to-population degree of 60.1 percent, tied for the lowest for the reason that may also.

The family survey, which calls buildings to ask what number of are at work, rose even under the establishment survey, with 104,000 more americans stated on the job.

The file comes amid buoyant expectations for increase normal. GDP rose three.2 p.c within the third quarter and 3.1 p.c in the 2nd quarter, and the Atlanta Fed tasks the third quarter to register an extra three.2 % profit.

moreover, most sellers reported sharply better holiday earnings. Mastercard estimated increase at four.9 % for the 2017 holiday season from the identical period a 12 months prior.

The tempo of job growth came on the identical month that Congress passed landmark tax law that took down the company cost from 35 percent to 21 percent and lowered fees for many american citizens.

No much less an authority than Warren Buffett is urging optimism, penning a column for Time journal that cites the U.S. “video game of financial miracles” that is barely in its,early innings.”

the roles record follows a much better-than-expected analyzing on inner most-sector employment. The inner most sector brought 250.”000 jobs in December, in accordance with Thursday’s document by using ADP and Moody’s Analytics, neatly above the a hundred ninety,000 jobs expected by economists polled by using Reuters.



Trump appears to align morning Twitter assaults with proper reports airing on ‘Fox & friends’

Trump appears to align morning Twitter assaults with proper reports airing on ‘Fox & friends’

Donald Trump as soon as once again pushed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s buttons on Twitter Tuesday.

In a taunting message that capped a day of eyebrow-raising tweets directed at numerous objectives, the President hinted at nuclear warfare with North Korea — and declared he has the greater trigger.

“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un just pointed out that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk continuously,’” Trump tweeted.

“Will somebody from his depleted and meals starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, nonetheless it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” the President delivered.

Trump claims funds from Obama became used to fund Iran terrorism

It was only 1 of many verbal bombs dropped through Trump Tuesday — his first full day lower back in the White house after his break break, which changed into spent hitting the hyperlinks at one among his namesake golfing residences.

Trump spent the morning crafting a collection of caustic hospitable media outbursts that included attacking his political enemies, groundlessly taking credit score for commercial aviation safeguard and ripping into Iran — in addition to other political objectives — while gazing his favorite news demonstrate. via night, he’d taken on the realm.

In a sequence of breathtaking tweets, Trump sent an apparent chance to cut off U.S. aid to Palestinians, insulted Kim and introduced he would be handing out “false information Media” awards next week to journalists he deems to be dishonest and outrageous.

“I will be announcing probably the most DISHONEST & disagreeable MEDIA AWARDS OF THE yr on Monday at 5:00 o’clock. subjects will cowl Dishonesty & nasty Reporting in a considerable number of classes from the fake information Media. reside tuned!” Trump wrote. He adopted it up with a plug for his favorite Fox news host and ardent fan, Sean Hannity — but that tweet changed into later deleted from his record.

Trump’s promise to roll again oversight not that simple

not 20 minutes previous, Trump had tweeted his aggressive message about North Korea — curiously brought about by means of a document on Fox news.

Roughly ninety minutes earlier than that message, Trump unleashed a two-half tweet that perceived to indicate he would reduce U.S. financial support to the Palestinian ity.

“We pay the Palestinians HUNDRED OF thousands and thousands OF greenbacks a 12 months and get no appreciation or recognize,” Trump wrote. The Palestinian ity received’t negotiate with Israel, despite U.S. efforts to support, he endured.

Donald Trump in the White house

“but with the Palestinians now not willing to talk peace, why may still we make any of those big future funds to them?” Trump tweeted.

Trump condemns Pakistan, encourages Iranian protests

His messages were a comply with-up to prior feedback about support payments to Pakistan, through which he talked about the U.S. has received only “lies and deceit” in change for billions in aid.

In past tweets , Trump accused former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin of violating security protocols in the State branch by using her personal electronic mail for work minutes after a Fox information document about Abedin aired.

He also introduced that the Justice department may still target former FBI director James Comey, whom Trump fired remaining year amid an intensifying federal investigation into Russian election meddling.

Trump also tried to grasp credit score for a recent document marking 2017 because the safest year on listing in commercial aviation.

Keith Hernandez attends Trump’s New yr’s Eve bash at Mar-a-Lago

“considering that taking workplace I actually have been very strict on industrial Aviation. respectable information — it turned into just pronounced that there have been Zero deaths in 2017, the most beneficial and most secure 12 months on listing!” Trump tweeted.

There hasn’t been a fatal business airline crash within the U.S. considering 2009.

Trump’s moves involving air go back and forth ultimate year included diverse efforts to deny people from a few Muslim-majority international locations entry to the U.S. and his failed try to privatize air traffic control.

He additionally weighed in on protests in Iran and linked former President Barack Obama, a favourite target of his wrath, to the lethal clashes.

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Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

(Family Features) Welcoming friends and family into your home, celebrating time-honored traditions with delicious food and enjoying quality time with loved ones are all sure signs that it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by holiday preparations and pressure to make your guests feel comfortable while visiting.


From loading up on pumpkin-scented candles to leaving out clean towels and upgrading that old air mattress to a real bed, it’s important to help loved ones relax when they’re away from home. Make the most of this holiday season with these handy tips from the experts at Mattress Firm to get each room of the house ready for guests.



The first step into a home away from home for the holidays can set the tone for the entire visit, so make sure that first impression is a welcoming one. Incorporate lively seasonal decor into the space to create a cheerful, festive atmosphere. Be sure the area is free of clutter and make space for your guests’ shoes, coats and other personal items to send a message from the start that you’re happy to be hosting them.


Guest Bedroom

After a long journey, guests are sure to appreciate a clean, fresh bedroom, with personal touches to make them feel special. Make sure the pillows are fluffed and bedrooms are stocked with fresh linens, along with a few magazines or a good book. Test all lights and fans to confirm they’re working properly, and be sure an alarm clock is available. A notecard featuring your Wi-Fi network name and password can help your guests feel right at home.


For elderly guests, you may consider adding an adjustable base to your guest bed. Adjustable bases, including those available at Mattress Firm, are solid metal structures that fit twin- to king-sized mattresses and act as a movable foundation with the power to adjust the mattress into a variety of positions from reclining to inclining. These bases can be suitable for sleepers with chronic pain, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or the average sleeper just looking for additional comfort.


Guest Bathroom

Although visitors are likely to carry their own toiletries, it can be awkward to discover a forgotten essential while in an unfamiliar home. Stock your guest bath with the basics to ensure guests have everything they need, such as extra toothpaste, shampoo, razors and deodorant. Also provide plenty of freshly laundered, fluffy towels and washcloths.


Living Room

Adding extra bodies to the household may put seating space at a premium, especially during the holidays when seasonal decorations take up extra room. Remove unnecessary items from the living area and add seating, if necessary, to ensure everyone can gather comfortably. It’s also a good idea to ensure there are ample flat surfaces and coasters available for beverages so you can comfortably visit well into the night.



For close friends or family, you’re likely to know their preferences and it’s easy to stock up on a few favorites ahead of time. If a new guest will be joining, be sure to ask about likes or dislikes as well as allergy or dietary needs ahead of time. Make a point to show first-time guests around the kitchen early in the stay so they can easily find anything they might need, such as a glass for water during the night.


For more tips and tricks on getting your home prepped for the busy holiday season, follow along with #SleepGiving or visit



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Empowering Teens through Smart Spending

(Family Features) Helping teens learn to handle money can be a tricky proposition. Mistakes can quite literally be costly, but there’s really no substitute for hands-on practice when it comes to managing finances.

Children are the ultimate investment, so teach your teen to be a smart spender with these savvy tips:

Start with saving. As a first step, open a savings account for your teen and involve them in the process. Use this opportunity to teach good habits, such as putting away a percentage of every paycheck, creating an emergency fund and setting savings goals for big purchases. Visit the bank together and explore the account options. Many banks offer incentives for high-balance accounts, and while your teen likely won’t qualify, it’s a valuable lesson to see the incentives available to big savers.

Move on to basic checking. Although most banks still refer to their most accessible accounts as “checking” accounts, chances are that your teen is more likely to shop with a debit card or cash rather than checks. Still, knowing how to write a proper check is an important life skill – as are conducting debit transactions and understanding any fees associated with using the account.

Create safe zones. Even after teaching them the fundamentals, letting teens make their own purchasing decisions can be a frightening prospect. Fortunately, if you know where to look, there are options available that offer teens a customizable level of autonomy while still under the oversight of a parent. For example, Amazon introduced a way for teens ages 13-17 to shop using their own, independent login linked to a parent’s account. In addition to product recommendations, order histories and lists tailored specifically to the teen’s shopping history and interests, teens can exercise smart shopping decisions with access to customer reviews and comparison shopping tools.

Parents have the option to review and approve every purchase, or set spending limits that offer teens the freedom to place orders up to a certain dollar amount on their own. In either case, parents receive notifications for every order and shipment. Find more details at

Set a budget. Part of smart spending is learning to shop within your means. Whether your teen’s income is from a part-time job, allowance or a combination of the two, building a budget that defines expenses and expectations is essential. Like any budget, it should include all income sources and all expenses he or she is responsible for, including auto maintenance, gasoline, insurance and beyond. Reinforce the importance of saving by including a regular savings allocation. Putting all of these numbers to paper lets your teen see clearly where the money is going and how much is left over for extracurricular spending.

Put safety nets in place. No matter how much planning is done in advance, surprise expenses will inevitably pop up. Teens can prepare for these expenses while also guarding against mistakes and the temptation to over-spend by taking advantage of special services available through banking institutions, such as setting a per-transaction or daily spending limit and investing in overdraft coverage.


Ultimately, money management skills come with time and practice. Creating a safe environment for your teen to practice these life lessons sooner rather than later can pay dividends down the road.



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Merry Ideas for Every Wish List

(Family Features) Brighten the holiday season for everyone on your shopping list with this sleigh full of gift ideas. With an assortment of thoughtful options, you can find everything you need to wrap up the seemingly endless quest of finding the right presents.

Check those names off your list and find space under the tree for gifts ranging from boxes of baked goods or steaks to a robotic car that teaches kids about programing to wardrobe accessories like boots and watches and even a wireless tech accessory for tunes on the go.

Find more gift ideas that can bring holiday cheer to everyone on your list at

The Gift of Good Taste     

Take the guesswork out of giving with The Kansas City Steak Company’s Filet Mignon Gift Box, which includes four 8-ounce Super Trimmed Filet Mignon, cut from the finest Midwestern beef available and hand-trimmed for upscale quality and flavor. Items arrive in a signature gift box with an Original Steak Seasoning packet and a Kansas City Steak Book. Use the code GIFTFORYOU for a discount and free shipping, and find more gift ideas at


STEM in Motion

Put science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects into motion this holiday season with the first calculator-controlled robotic car from Texas Instruments. Middle and high school students can program the TI-Innovator Rover using the TI graphing calculators they already own. The robotic car connects with the TI-Innovator Hub to help show kids that learning to program can be fun and easy. Learn more at


Gifting Goodies

Bring a smile to a loved one’s face by giving the gift of a sweet treat this holiday season with Dancing Deer Baking Co.’s scratch-baked cookies and brownies. With a blend of traditional artisan baking and unique flavor combinations, these baked goods come in packaged gifts perfect for the holiday season, such as this Classic Deer Gift Hamper. Use the code DEERJOY at checkout for 30 percent off your holiday gift purchase, and find more information at


Sounds of the Season

Make sure those favorite holiday tunes are delivered the way they’re supposed to be heard with a pair of wireless, over-the-ear headphones. Available in multiple styles and colors, the headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth for wireless listening and buffer outside noise for immersive sound with maximum clarity and balance. In addition to controlling your music with the on-ear controls, many options allow the user to take calls directly from the headphones.


A Sleek, Stylish Gift

From a day at the office to a holiday gathering with friends and family, a fashionable, functional watch can be essential to pulling any man’s wardrobe together. With analog and digital faces available as well as a variety of strap options – from stainless steel to leather or canvas – there’s an option to fit nearly every style. Some watches even feature smart technology that can automatically track activity and monitor text messages and emails.


Fashion Meets Functionality

With the holiday season comes cooler temperatures and, oftentimes, less-than-ideal conditions like snow and ice. Help keep the feet of the women on your list warm and dry with on-trend footwear that is as functional as it is fashionable. With styles ranging from leather to sheepskin to suede, a pair of fashionable winter boots can provide increased traction and cushioning while remaining durable, breathable and flexible.


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Practical Ways to Promote STEM Learning

(Family Features) Demand for workers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers continues to explode. Data from the U.S. Department of Education predicts that growth opportunities in these fields will increase 14 percent by 2020. One way to nurture kids’ long-term potential is to make learning STEM subjects fun, hands-on and interactive.

Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas to shake things up in the classroom or planning activities to share with the family at home, consider these creative approaches to increasing students’ interest in STEM topics.

Take a field trip: When learning occurs outside the confines of a classroom, it can create unexpected sparks of interest. Build classroom field trips or family outings around destinations that offer unique ways to highlight STEM subjects. For example, setting up a tour of a local baseball stadium may be a chance to get up close and personal with the game and the field, but it’s also a way to discuss the math behind baseball. Similarly, a visit to an indoor skydiving facility is more than just exposure to an extreme sport; it’s an opportunity to learn about terminal velocity and gravity. Additional options include an outdoor nature lesson, manufacturing facility, planetarium or local farm.

 Introduce robotics: Between self-driving cars, drones that can aid in rescue efforts and robots that assist as a “butler” for day-to-day tasks, the future of robotics is here now. Researchers at Brandeis University found that students involved in robotics are two times more likely to take more challenging math and science courses and two times more likely to pursue STEM careers.

One option to increase students’ interest in robotics is the TI-Innovator Rover, a robotic car that introduces middle school and high school students to the basics of coding and programming. Students without any coding or robotics experience can learn to write basic programs on their TI graphing calculators that make Rover do things like draw, dance or even crash. Learn more about the first calculator-controlled robotic car at

Career show and tell: Seek out speakers or mentors who have real-world STEM careers, ranging from more traditional STEM fields like scientists or engineers to more unexpected jobs that use STEM principles every day, such as a fashion designer or an ice cream flavor scientist. Encourage kids to get hands-on with these careers by having guests both show and tell how they use math and science every day. For example, students can measure and cut materials to make a circle skirt, an unexpected lesson in geometry. Or they can scoop up a physics lesson on states of matter as milk transforms into ice cream.
Cook up some fun: When it comes to bucking tradition, the kitchen may not be the first place you think of to drive home the benefits of STEM learning. However, the kitchen is a perfect place to explore the chemistry of combining ingredients and hone math skills such as dividing fractions when splitting a recipe.

Solve real-world problems: Give students an opportunity to think through a real problem and come up with a solution. For example, challenge them to solve how they would create low-cost options for filtering water in countries without clean water. Through trial and error, students can learn that failure is OK and sometimes leads to a better solution.



Make Mealtime Meaningful for Families and Furry Friends

(Family Features) Coming together for a shared meal is a simple yet important way for families to bond and create memories with one another. There’s no better time than right now to bring everyone together around the dinner table – including your four-legged friends – for a delicious, healthy meal.

These tips can help make mealtime even more meaningful for everyone:

  • Have the family help with the meal prep. Pick a recipe everyone can help prepare, such as build-your-own pizzas, to make the dinner both a bonding activity and a rewarding experience when you get to eat your own creation.
  • Schedule mealtime for the whole family, including your pup. Your furry friend can enjoy sharing in the family experience, and with his own food bowl, he’ll be gobbling that up, making it less tempting to ask for human food.
  • Establish a no-devices-at-the-dinner-table policy to encourage kids and adults alike to talk, engage and bond with each other. This quality time spent in the company of family can build cherished memories for years to come.
  • Opt for healthy options to keep everyone’s energy levels up. This means working in plenty of fruits, veggies and quality proteins like chicken or salmon, sweet potatoes, lentils and more. These ingredients are also great for your pup and are included in many high-quality dog foods. In fact, the NUTRO™ brand has launched its NUTRO FEED CLEAN™ philosophy, which provides pets with dry recipes that are made with real, recognizable, non-GMO* ingredients and allows families to share their healthy eating lifestyle with their pets.

Whether it’s once a week or every night, coming together for a shared meal is a simple gesture that can help bring families – and even furry family members – together. So grab a plate (or bowl) and enjoy your shared mealtime with the entire family.

For more information on sharing the NUTRO FEED CLEAN™ philosophy with your dog, visit or

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*Trace amounts of genetically modified material may be present due to potential cross contact during manufacturing.




5 Things to Know About Milk and Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

(Family Features) Adults and kids take in about 400 calories per day as beverages, according to the USDA’s Choose My Plate program. Beverages can be a key source of nutrients, and when it comes to nutrition, moms want to make informed choices for themselves and their kids.


With so many options available, it’s no surprise moms have questions. Some moms choose to serve alternatives to milk rather than real dairy milk, but it’s important to know that milk and non-dairy alternatives are not created equal. In fact, these beverages differ in five key areas: nutrition, ingredient list, added sugars, price and taste.


  1. Farm-fresh, real dairy milk is naturally nutrient-rich.

Unlike many non-dairy milk alternatives – farm fresh, real dairy milk is naturally nutrient rich. Milk naturally provides calcium, phosphorus, high-quality protein, potassium and B vitamins. It is also fortified with vitamins A and D, creating a nutrient powerhouse of nine essential nutrients. Non-dairy milk alternatives, on the other hand, vary in their nutritional profiles, some containing little to no naturally occurring nutrients, so most are fortified.

  1. Dairy milk is simple.

When you compare the ingredient list of milk to non-dairy alternatives, you may be surprised to find that many alternatives have 10 or more added ingredients, including salt, sugar or thickeners like gums. Dairy milk, a minimally processed and farm-fresh beverage, has just three ingredients: milk, vitamin A and vitamin D.

  1. There are no added sugars in regular dairy milk.

When you look at the nutrition label on a gallon of milk, you will find sugar listed. However, that sugar is not added – it’s naturally occurring lactose. But people may not realize when a food or beverage has added sugar. For instance, many types of non-dairy milk, like almond milk, contain added sugar. Ingredients like cane sugar or cane juice on the ingredients list indicate sugar has been added to non-dairy milk.


  1. Dairy milk can help stretch your grocery budget.

At just about a quarter per serving, milk delivers more nutritional value per penny than just about any other beverage. Compare that to almond milk, at about $0.45 per 8-ounce serving, and other non-dairy alternatives like rice milk that can cost as much as $0.79 per serving.[i] The average American household spends about 10 percent of their budget on food – nearly $80 a week for groceries. One year of dairy milk will cost the average family $628 vs. $1,222 per year for vanilla almond milk. That’s nearly $600 per year in savings.[ii]

  1. Dairy milk has the taste kids – and chefs – love

Milk is the foundation for many classic recipes and tastes from around the world. From creamy macaroni and cheese to classic alfredo sauce and delectable creme brulee, milk adds dimension, accentuates flavor and serves as a decadent base to many of your favorite dishes. If you want to swap real dairy milk for another ingredient, remember that each non-dairy milk alternative has a different flavor, which can change the flavor profile or the consistency of your dishes, even for pancakes, oatmeal and smoothies.


To learn more about the differences between milk and non-dairy milk alternatives, visit



1 Sales data from IRI, calendar year 2017, and average online grocery prices for top markets.

2 Based on the recommended 3 daily servings of milk and milk products and an average family size of 2.58 people per the 2010 US Census. Additional Reference: U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration. U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census Summary.


The 2 Week Diet